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EarPlanes use an innovative patented filter system that provides a low cost solution to ear discomfort which tens of thousands of air passengers experience when the air pressure suddenly changes in the cabin during a flight.

BIOEARS - The only ear plug with antimicrobial technological to reduce ear infections.

CLEAREARS - The worlds first water absorbing alcohol free ear plug.


Ultrasonic Essentials Aroma Diffuser, 5 Functions in just the 1 product.


Ear Candles and Face Wipes.

We believe in a no nonsense approach dedicated to creating convenient, fuss free beauty products using the highest quality natural active ingredients.

Ear candles have been used for centuries to create a sense of well-being and hold a respected place in traditional medicine around the globe.

Gaining large popularity in recent years, today they are used by people looking for a more natural approach to tending their mind and body.

Essenzza Health ear candles are our no nonsense approach to better living.


Salon hair care and styling products now available in pharmacy. A range of styling products with varying hold factors and shampoos and conditioners to suit all hair types in unique and innovative new packaging.

Grab Green

Grab Green cleaning products have the philosophy of being next generation eco-friendly household cleaning products. The next generation concept focuses on the One Size Does Not Fit All. We strive to create natural cleaning products that fit the exact needs of our customers.

JR Watkins

Nestled in the Mississippi River Bluff town of Winona, MN., Watkins has been America's pioneer in natural living since 1868. As America's original natural apothecary manufacturer, Watkins uses only the finest natural ingredients in its diverse lines of personal care, home care, remedies, and organic flavourings.


Australian owned, Personal Care and Foods based on organically grown GMO free ingredients.


100% natural newskin health balm created directly from fresh plant extracts. It's already helping thousands of people with their skin.

Only Nature provides the nutrients necessary to keep your face and body looking and feeling healthy. And only Nature provides the nourishment necessary to properly restore aged and damaged skin.

If you give your body the right regular nourishment, your health will improve. Give your skin the right regular nourishment and your skin will improve too!

In nature, the old is constantly being replaced with the new and with MyNewSkinUF7, we maximize this renewing principle for your skin. We do this by using a unique combination of our own fresh plant ingredients that are processed within minutes of being picked.

All MyNewSkinUF7 herbs are grown chemical free and lovingly handpicked and processed on site at our lush fresh-herb ‘Farmacy’ in Queensland, Australia.


Rated Australia's top performing Skincare & Colour cosmetic bridge brand in Australian Pharmacy 04, 05, 06, 07 (Michael Edwards June 2007). Rated fastest growing high profile Skin Care 06-07 (Michael Edwards June 07), Top performing bath line.


The Professional's choice for over 30 years for nail strength, adhesion, wearability, dry time and shine. Free of Toluence, Formaldehyde and Dibuty Phthalate.


Ouch! Insect Repellant is a herbal formula with no harmful chemicals, effective on all insects and child safe. Best of all, it contains NO DEET, NO DICARBOXIMIDE, NO ISOCINCHOMERANATE and doesn’t have that horrible chemical smell!! It repels ants, bed bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, sand flies and regular flies and comes in a handy credit card sized package that you can carry almost anywhere.

Ouch! Instant Herbal Sting Relief is herbal formula with no harmful chemicals, effective on all insects, jellyfish and sunburn, and is child safe. The best part of this product is what it DOESN’T contain: NO Aluminium Sulphate, NO Papain, NO Hydrocortisone, NO Diazolidinyl, and NO antihistamines. It relieves the sting from midges, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, sea lice, sand flies, bluebottles, and sunburn. It comes in a handy credit card sized package that you can carry almost anywhere.


What is Posture Medic?
The Posture Medic will help you improve your posture and strengthen your back and core muscles. You will improve your posture, reduce pain and improve your overall health with the Posture Medic.


RockTape is a premium brand of kinesiology tape. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by a wide variety of health professionals throughout the world to treat injuries and pain.

Unlike traditional athletic tape that binds and doesn’t stretch, ROCKTAPE is engineered to mimic the human skin. This stretchiness is the secret behind ROCKTAPE. ROCKTAPE stretches up to 180% of its original length but has amazing ‘snap-back’ or recovery. This is what gives ROCKTAPE its performance advantage over other tapes.


Rosehip by Essano was born because we felt that certified organic, effective skincare shouldn’t just be for those with the time and money to hunt down exclusive products. Our philosophy is to deliver certified organic goodness, beautiful products and amazing results for everyone.

The foundation of our range is the AMAZING Rosehip Oil. We chose Rosehip Oil because it is organic and historic (ask the Incas) plus clinically proven to minimise the appearance of fine lines, scars, stretch marks and sun damage.

We have handpicked all our ingredients from an all-star cast, choosing only those that will deliver you the best results; the ones that are proven for their efficacy in skincare. And we have a long list of things we won’t ever put in our products – that’s Our Promise to you.


Seven Wonders was borne from over 25 years of endeavour to discover the pinnacle in natural, luxury hair-care.

Frustrated by supposedly ‘all natural’ products that were big on promise but low on performance, the Seven Wonders team scoured the globe in search of the best natural hair and skin-care products to market and distribute around Australia. As a result, a team of leading Australian biochemists were consulted to develop a hair-care range to rival the best salon-grade brands in the hair-care industry.

Results from their research found that although shampoo and conditioning products were plentiful, a distinct lack of completely natural styling products were not only out of reach, but shadowed by chemically-laden brands.

While many adopt a natural alternative with their shampoo and conditioning choices, many finish their routine with chemically-laden styling products that remain in the hair for hours and even days at a time that not only stripped nutrients from the hair, but affected the scalp and skin causing irritation, psoriasis, itching, flakiness - and the list goes on.

This raised the all-encompassing question. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to find a gentle and completely natural range, free from toxic chemicals, that actually performs like salon-grade brands; that continues to feed, nourish, heal and protect the hair and scalp long after washing?

Seven Wonders tied these restorative qualities together in a range of 12 pristine formulations that includes an entire hair-care suite of sulphate-free shampoos, conditioners, styling and treatment products.


Australian Made, Anti-bacterial Colloidal silver products.


Vabori is the newest Olive Leaf Extract Brand to enter the Australian market.
100% Australian Made and Owned and our Olive Leaf Extract products are made here in Australia. Vabori Olive Leaf Extract products avoid using materials such as alcohols and harmful preservatives.

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